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Parent Testimonials

We have been part of the EIK family since 2008. Ishaan was only 11 months old when he was introduced to the concept of day care. Mitch and her team worked really hard in settling Ishaan down. Ishaan is now a school going boy and has taken his learning from EIK to the next level.

When Aanya and Kaavya (our twin boy and girl) were born, we knew EIK was the best foundation they could get at an early stage. They are now two and a half, and pretty confident in what they do!

We would strongly recommend EIK to first time parents or even for your second or third child. The team at EIK can definitely cater to your needs whether it's medication or any dietary requirements.

Once again, we would like to extend out best wishes to Mitch and her team. You all do a fantastic job! Keep it up. We wish if you guys were open 24/7.

Best wishes -

The Badiyani Family

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